Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A new blog for your enjoyment... hopefully

Greetings to all at LibDemBlogs. I have just been accepted onto the site and look forward to having some intelligent feedback on the ideas I have presented and hope to present far more regularly from now on. So far I only have a few blog posts on reforming drugs laws, prostitution, electoral reform and saving old people from loneliness, but I hope the exposure LibDemBlogs will grant me will fan the flames of my creativity. If you are not moved to comment on my posts, please make use of my elect/true/meh/balls rating system. Meh being the appropriate rating if you really don't care either way about the issue, aren't sure, or just find me boring, and the other ratings being fairly self-explanatory. Cheers, Ewan.


Costigan Quist said...

Best of luck with it - I trust we can look forward to more regular postings than you've managed in the last year ;-)


Ewan the liberal beardy said...

Cheers Costigan. I can confirm that is the plan. :)

Julian H said...

Good stuff re: drugs.


Ewan the liberal beardy said...

And thank you Julian. Still nobody reading... ho hum.