Friday, 13 November 2009

Is this the book to save us from the Tory Menace?

Transform yesterday launched "After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation" at the House of Commons. Having read most of it, I am confident it can be employed to great effect in backing up a Liberal Democrat policy of strictly regulating a legal trade in drugs.

This document is undoubtedly tough on drugs and I will be writing to Nick Clegg to inform him of this and to encourage him to act in the strongest possible terms. This book, to be blunt "covers our ass" on the issue with its sober, rational examination of the options for leading the world into a post-prohibition reality. It is now time to take off our gloves and mercilessly attack the prohibitionist policy that sacrifices untold numbers of children at the altar of the UN narcotics conventions and the dangerous, hysterical rantings of wrong-headed Daily Mail columnists. I will not stand by as prohibition pushes our desperate, vulnerable youth into the arms of the pushers, pimps and the vicious criminal profiteers who currently terrorise our communities. Far from creating drug-ridden anarchy, this book allows us to see that a legal drugs market can help create a better, safer world, where children and young people are protected from harm, and ignorance of the risks of drug consumption can no longer ruin lives.

These are genuinely exciting times in British politics. The Lib Dems have an opportunity to restore faith in politics by presenting a policy that will save billions of wasted pounds and create a paradigm shift in society that again casts the police as servants, not persecutors of the people and can allow previously cowering communities to escape the dispiriting influence of drugs and crime.
We now have all the tools necessary to build the Britain we want to live in, and perhaps the most finely crafted can be found here:


James Schneider said...

Superb. I doubt we'll actually adopt the sensible legalize, tax, and regulate policy. But we should. The IMF calculates that 15-20% of global GDP is organized crime. By legalizing drugs we could end a substantial amount of organized crime and all of the associated evil that goes with it.

Legalized, tax, and regulate - less petty crime, less organized crime, cost cutting, exchequer filling. Excellent.

John Moreland, SSDP Canterbury said...

Hi Ewan, I'm extremely excited about being able to base a real and appliable model on Steve Rolles' findings and propsals. While I can be of limited help in Canterbury and though I'm not in contact with many high profile Lib Dem members I would love to help how I can, please do keep in contact, maybe I will know someone who knows someone that could help forward this motion with haste.

John Moreland