Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Protecting Bradford's street prostitutes from a serial killer

A letter I have just written to David Ward (MP for Bradford East). If you can think of other people who could help with this effort, please forward this to them, link to this or use whatever means of communication you think would work.


Dear Mr. Ward,

As founder of Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform, I am hugely concerned at the unfolding events in your city as reported here on the BBC website and similarities to the serial murders carried out by Steven Wright in Ipswich in 2006.

In 2006 further young women working as prostitutes in the town were murdered after the possibility of there being a serial killer preying on prostitutes was reported in the news. There is a very real possibility that the man being questioned currently is not the murderer. It is therefore important for local police and other services to act quickly to ensure the safety of the women working the streets of Bradford. From the experience in Ipswich in 2006 it is clear that urging women to stay off the streets is not sufficient. I therefore call on you to contact the police in Bradford to propose that they work with health services to make available emergency prescribed maintenance doses of pharmaceutical heroin to any female dependent drug user in the city who is known to have worked the streets or that approaches services seeking help. It is quite possible that rapid action could save lives.


Ewan Hoyle

Founder of Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform.


Ewan Hoyle said...

I have received some criticism on twitter for only e-mailing the Lib Dem in Bradford.

Long before this criticism was made I forwarded the e-mail to the Labour MP for Bradford West.

I shall shortly be calling Marsha Singh MP. This is quite obviously not a party-political issue.

lizw said...

So how can other Lib Dems join LDDPR?

Ewan Hoyle said...

Get on over to Lib Dem Act or I don't update them often but hope to be getting pretty active soon.

And it looks they got the guy, but if we want to stop this kind of thing happening again we could do worse than listen to these two gentlemen:
If we could get Brian Tobin of ICENI and Prof John Strang to get together and write our policy...