Friday, 17 September 2010

It's Time We Talked About Drug Policy (fringe event)

Here's the text of the flier I have produced for the LDDPR fringe event happening this Sunday in the ACC in Hall 1B at 8pm. Please get in touch if you would like to help distribute fliers in Liverpool.

It's Time We Talked About Drug Policy

A Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform
fringe discussion

With speakers:

Niamh Eastwood of Release
Danny Kushlick of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation
Ewan Hoyle of LDDPR
chaired by Julian Huppert MP

A recent poll found 70% of Brits deem the legal regulation of cannabis a more tolerable option than prohibition

Would ideas coming out of the coalition government risk making the UK's drug problem worse?

Can a new, rational drugs policy better protect young people from the dangers of drugs?

Can pharmaceutical heroin be a far more cost-effective tool than methadone in aiding the recovery of addicts?

Can drug policy reform cut crime, safeguard mental health and save expenditure as budgets are slashed?

Come along and join the debate!

ACC Hall 1B
Sunday 8pm-9:15

Growing numbers of respected figures in British society are calling for decriminalisation or legalisation of drugs to be considered as potential solutions to the serious health and social problems that drugs - and arguably prohibition – create. Numerous editorials and commentators have backed these calls in the press. But politicians are still sticking stubbornly to the same tired old script.

The speakers at this event will describe some of the ways in which current policy impacts negatively upon British citizens and other communities around the World. The impact and cost-effectiveness of current British drugs policy has never been formally assessed.

You will also hear a new policy proposal that has been specifically designed to limit the harm that drugs cause and that is likely to be very appealing to the public.

Websites and twitter accounts: @TransformDrugs @Release_Drugs @ewanhoyle

contact for further info on Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform


Anonymous said...

It'snot just politicians that stick to the same old script - come on Ewan, show them the way, transform your own script! Put people back at the centre of the issue, it's not a discussion about drug policy, or legalisation of drugs - it's about people! Law regulates people.

HomeGrownOutlaw said...

Thanks for all your work on this Ewan.

I see the Guardian has gone with your recent speech too, some big waves are being made now.

The most troubling thing for all this now- for me- is the tired old dusty rhetoric from the home office. It is quite frankly insulting now.

I have a letter beside me as I speak from the home office that demonstrates the lack of respect shown to intellect.